Contact Information

Kevin Montgomery

Garrard County Clerk


Garrard County Courthouse
15 Public Square
Suite 5
Lancaster, KY 40444


(859) 792-3071


(859) 792-6751


Kevin Montgomery


Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday & Saturday

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Holiday Schedule

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About Garrard County

Garrard County was formed in 1797 from Madison, Mercer, and Lincoln Counties. It has assumed an unusually important role in Kentucky politics for a county its size. It was home to three governors that played crucial roles in Kentucky history: Governors Robert P. Letcher, Kentucky’s first Republican Governor, William O. Bradley, and Governor William Owsley whose historic home has been restored and is a tourist attraction in Garrard County today.
Garrard County is known as the “birthplace of prohibition” due to prohibition crusader, Carrie Nation. The legendary “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” located near Paint Lick was credited by President Lincoln as having started the Civil War. Harriett Beecher Stowe is said to have visited the Kennedy Mansion, which stood in front of the cabin of Uncle Tom, while gathering information for her book.
The economy of Garrard County was established on a firm agricultural base exporting its products first by way of the Kentucky River and later by way of Lancaster’s access to the railroad. Although tobacco production has declined in Garrard County, our main assets continue to be central location, green rolling hills and resourceful people.
Garrard County, although small in size, has many interesting attractions. You may hike the trails or take a breathtaking boat ride to view the beauty of the Kentucky River Palisades area, play golf on the world renowned Peninsula Golf Course located on 3600 acre Herrington Lake where there is an abundance of fishing and boating as well.


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